Thursday, December 09, 2004


Never thought time could pass so quickly. As we talked this morning, it's been almost a year since that day you enter to the room and hold me so tight I couldn't breath, but I was so very happy. Your family was amazing with me... and you are an amazing guy, I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH. You are my dearest friend and... I remember u told me ones, "u know, I've meet people like this before but at the end we just start up to loose all contact..." I don't wanna loose u, I don't want to tell my friends -Well I met this wonderfull guy but we lost track of each other and now I don't know nothing about him...- I REFUSSE FOR SUCH A THING TO HAPPEND TO US. Tnks, for open the doors of your house, of your heart and of your soul to me, for been so sweet, but specially for keeping in touch and for been my VERY SPECIAL FRIEND. SAGAPAO STELIOS
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